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FOCALLURE 6 Pcs Makeup Brush Set
FOCALLURE 6 Pcs Makeup Brush Set
FOCALLURE 6 Pcs Makeup Brush Set

FOCALLURE 6 Pcs Makeup Brush Set

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FOCALLURE 6 Piece Premium Face Brushes Set is a luxe set for flawless eye and face makeup application. High quality fluffy synthetic bristles feel soft, lush, gentle and smooth to the skin and allow picking just the right amount of product, reaching even the hardest-to-get areas. Handle material made of natural wood makes application comfortable and provides a better handle feeling. 

A perfect, practical kit for applying self-makeup and for beginners, due to its usefulness and ease of application.


The kit includes:

• Loose Powder Brush/Blush Brush (Total Length: 19.4cm, Fiber Hair Length: 4.7cm)

• Highlight Brush (Total Length: 17.7cm, Fiber Hair Length: 3.1cm)

• Nose Contour Brush (Total Length: 17.4cm, Fiber Hair Length: 1.7cm)

• Eyeshadow Brush #1 (Total Length: 17.2cm, Fiber Hair Length: 1.3cm)

• Eyeshadow Brush #2 (Total Length: 16.6cm, Fiber Hair Length: 0.7cm)

• Angled Shadow / Eyeliner / Brow Brush: (Total Length: 15.6cm, Fiber Hair Length: 0.5cm)



  • Handle made of natural wood
  • Ferrule Material: Glossy Aluminum, offering a sense of luxury
  • High quality synthetic soft and dense fiber bristles
  • Face and eye brushes
  • Controlled application
  • Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Non-Toxic